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Capo Style Writing Pen


Stock Item # 1553


·        Handle


This pen was carved from a stunning piece of Buckeye Burl Wood.


·        Pen Style Features


This a a large pen!  The size, weight, and striking features of this pen commands attention.


The clip includes a sparking Swarovski clear crystal.


The accent rings, bands and caps include elegant custom hand-carved 3 dimensional designs.  All components are cast, and polished.


·        Pen Benefits:


This pen is designed for use with cap not attached to the pen.  This ensures you will enjoy effortless writing and the perfect balance every time you use it.


The size of this pen makes this an ideal, smooth flowing desk pen. The clip securely positions the pen in a suit coat or shirt pocket while the crystal accents your attire. The pen is approximately 5 7/8" in length.


·        Pen Tip:


This style pen can be made with a classic fountain tip or easy to use rollerball.  **Bidders Choice**. Please let me know which tip style you want at the close of the auction.


1.      The fountain tip features a top quality German-made nib with genuine iridium point for smooth writing and dependable ink flow.  The fountain comes with a standard ink cartridges as well as an ink pump.


2.    The rollerball comes with a premium Schmidt rollerball refill.  These refills for either style can be found at most office supply stores.


·        Finish


The pen's finish, Cyanoacrylate, is durable, highly polished and will retained its appearance.  This type of finish is extremely durable and will keep your pen safe from water, oil, and the rigors of daily use. Don't ever buy a wooden pen that does not have this finish, otherwise the oils from your hands will quickly dull and darken your pen.  This process is difficult to master and takes much longer to produce.  But it is essential for any quality pen.


·        What’s Included In This Listing


1.      The high quality pen shown in the pictures.


2.    Either a fountain tip or rollerball tip.


3.    Ink for either tip style.


4.    Gift box.


5.     WoodChux woodturning’s famous 100% happy customer lifetime guarantee.



·        Want your Handmade Pen laserengraved?




We can put letters, words, pictures, ordesigns with laser accuracy.  Let us know if you want something on your penbefore purchasing.  Unbeatablequality and pricing!!! **Engraving can only be done on wood (not metal or resin). No returns or refunds on engraved items.


HandMade Buckeye Burl Wood Writing Pen Ball Point Fountain 1553

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