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Handmade Wood Pizza Cutter


Stock Item # 441

These are NOT like any other Pizza Cutters you've ever owned.  These are heavy.


Handle: This handle was carved from a stunning piece of Spectraply wood, very beautiful.

Large stainless steel scoop. 3 times heavier than regular cutter. Dishwasher safe (with handle removed).

***The Blade can be removed and replaced with an ice cream scoop at no additional cost.  If you would like this handle to come with a scoop instead, just ask and I'll replace that at no extra cost.


My items are made one at a time by me at a pace that allows for the creation of the finest instruments. I do NOT use any type of duplicating equipment.  That insures EVERY item is truly unique and ONE-OF-A-KIND.  Although this is a beautiful piece of art, it's meant and designed to be used.

Handmade Spectraply Wood Pizza Cutter 441

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