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Stock Item # 839



This grinder was made from Spectraply wood. The grinder in thepictures is the grinder you will receive. These are made one at a time, photographed, and listed individually.


About thise grinder:

With this handy, all-in-one mill you can grind pepper from thebottom and pour salt from the top. This practical dinner table accessory willmake a thoughtful, functional handmade dinning center piece. This grinder stands just over 6" tall.

This grinder/mill producing robust flavor by grinding thepepper corns.

These are handmade by me. Each one is unique, no two are the same. Each grinder is finished in a food safe, oil and wax finish. The qualityceramic grinding mechanism is adjustable easily from the top knob for differentcoarseness. Grind peppercorns or any spice - it will never rust. Flip the millupside down and shake out the salt.  2-in-onefor perfect flavoring with style.



To add salt, remove top knob and cover.  Add salt into the top chamber and reinstallcover and screw. To add pepper corns, simply remove top knob then remove entiretop chamber.  Pour corn into the bottomchamber and reinstall.


Care and Maintenance:

These can be hand washed. Not dishwasher safe.  Over timeand use, these will not need any additional oiling or waxing under normal use.

Pepper Mill Grinder Peppermill N Shaker Colorgrain Wood Handmade 839

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