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CA PolishSold Out Of GlossUse these two polishes to increase the sheen on any acrylic or any turning that has been finished with CA glue. CA Polish Satin polishes to approximately 1500 grit. CA Polish Gloss polishes to a 2,500 grit glass like surface; for optimum results to be used after Satin polish application. Instructions: 1. Turn your acrylic or wood blank to shape and size. Sand to at least 400 grit. If you are using an acrylicblank, skip to step 2. If you are using wood, apply the CA finish prior to using the polish. 2. Apply a drop of the satin polish with a paper towel while the lathe is running. Work the polish back and forth along the turning blank. After all of the polish has been removed, apply the gloss polish in the same manor.


Made in the USA

CA Polish

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