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The Artisan Coffee Scoop kit is a great project for coffee lovers. It features a durable chrome-plated exterior, just the right amount of heft, and a threaded shaft design that allows you to disassemble the scoop for cleaning.


Dimensions (scoop): 1-3/16" tapered dia. x 1" deep x 2-1/8" long
Minimum blank size: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5"

Project components (blank not included)

Items needed to complete:
Drill bit: 11/32"
Drill tap: 3/8" x 16 TPI
Drill chuck: 1/2"
Mandrel: Bottle Stopper Mandrel

  • One heaping scoop yields approximately one tablespoon
  • Flat bottom prevents scoop from tipping over
  • Threaded shaft design makes cleaning easy
  • Long wearing chrome plating
  • 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeItem

Coffee Scoops

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