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Bolt Action Style Writing Pen


Stock Item # 706

 Handle: This pen was carved from a stunning piece of Spectraply wood. 


The thrill of the hunt - is now captured in this exciting new Bullet Casing Chrome Pen that replicates an actual rifle shell. The pen attractive and features: a bolt action mechanism, rifle style clip, and a popular Parker style refill for writing comfort.

Artistic and extremely fashionable, this pen is a writing pleasure. This pen was designed for superb balance, superior writing characteristics and an overall stylish, polished & elegant appearance.







My pens are made one at a time by me at a pace that allows for the creation of the finest writing instruments. I do NOT use any type of duplicating equipment.  That insures EVERY pen is truly unique and ONE-OF-A-KIND.  Although this pen is a beautiful piece of art, it's meant and designed to be used.

If you want a pen made to your specifications, I have on hand an excellent selection of different types of exotic woods from around the world as well as other natural and synthetic materials. I can take your idea for a custom pen and turn it into a reality at an affordable price. Please feel free to contact me for a quote.

Handmade Writing Pen Spectraply Wood Bolt Action 706

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