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Want a fun, supper easy turning project? Try these little kits out.

What you will receive:

• 1 (one) One hitter pipe/pocket rocket kit. We have 90 degree kits as well as straight kits, either can come with a 2" tube or 2.75" tube. Select the size and style in the drop down menu. We also carry packs that have both styles include.

Items needed:
25/64" drill bit
Pen mandrel & saver
2 non stick bushings
Blank size: 5/8 blank slightly shorter then the tube.(2 1/8" for long tubes, 1 3/8" for short tubes)
One-hitter Instructions:
Cut blank to size.
Drill 25/64" hole.
Glue in tubes, using the 2 nuts on either end to hold it while glue cures.
Slide one non stick bushing onto your pen mandrel. Slide blank followed by second bushing.
Bring tailstock with mandrel saver against second bushing. Lock tailstock and turn wheel to apply light pressure and lock.
Turn to desired shape cutting the two ends to just above the nuts.
Sand and finish

Thread mouth piece onto one end.
Thread burning bowl onto the opposite end.

Pipe Mandrel

Use this mandrel with your 4-Jaw chuck.  Tighten down jaws, thread on your blank, secure with live center.


Instructions Here.



Smoking Pipes

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